From the Editor’s Desk

Two things have always been in a constant in my life. My love for stories, and my love for language. Using my skills in language to help the author best express the stories sitting untold in their minds, my editing services revolve around gaining an excellent understanding of what the author wishes to express and secondly execution of their vision to the best of my ability.

From the University of Melbourne, I have been awarded a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics along with Ancient World History.

I have studied how we as a human collective have used language to shape and define the world around us, using myth and legend since the dawn of time as a vehicle for self-expression. In the essence of each of these ancient myths we have all come to know and love today, is the kernel of what makes a story withstand the test of time.

Let me help you sculpt your story into the best it can be.

 – Viva