Cassie Faber

“Viva worked on my first book, Frozen Memories, and I highly recommend her services! After going one round of developmental, one round of line edits, and the final proof-read, I can say she is a joy to work with. She is very approachable, with quick turnaround and is excellent in her mastery of language. She caught things in my novel that I never would have noticed otherwise, and helped vastly with my language use and expression.

I have received amazing reviews on my first book and am so thankful to Viva’s editing. Not only has she edited my book to a high standard, but given me pointers on where I can improve my writing craft for the future!

If you are an indie author like me, and in need of an editor – look no further. Viva provides the combination of a caring support system and very thorough, concise editing along with valuable feedback – which is very difficult combination to find.”

Link to Cassie’s book Frozen Memories, #1 in an Angelbay Series

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