Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need an editor?

Nobody is perfect, and that means no manuscript is perfect either! No matter how many times you have gone over your manuscript on your own, a second pair of eyes will always catch something you found you missed or overlooked. Whether it’s a plot hole, inconsistencies in names, or typos, I will help you on the level of service you need – from early beta reads to final proof reads!

How do I know what level of service is best for me?

If you’ve read my types of services page, and are still scratching your head, don’t hesitate to have a chat with me here. Remember that I am here to help you as an author execute the vision you have for your story to the best of my ability – and to achieve that, I have a long chat with each of my clients to ensure we are both on the same page about what exactly you need, and your desired outcome for the best results!

What on earth is alpha reading/ beta reading?

An alpha reader is the first person to see your work and provide you with feedback, at the earliest possible stage! Whether you’ve written a few chapters or a dozen, as long as you are still working on your first draft, whoever looks at it the first is called the Alpha reader.

A Beta reader is someone who reads your completed first draft and gives your feedback. No matter what shape the first draft is in, the beta reader is the person who reads your unpolished novel and directs you where to go from there.

How does this all work?

The process for my services is as follows:

  • You contact me here, with a brief outline of which services you are interested in, and I provide a quote once we have discussed and decided which service is best for your manuscript. My prices are listed here.
  • I will provide a free of charge consultation in which you send me an excerpt of your manuscript and I provide you with feedback as a sort of ‘sample’ of my editing services.
  • After you decide you want to work with me, I require a $60 booking fee to hold your spot on the calendar. Here I can work out an approximate time for turnaround depending on your wordcount at time of submission and the level of service you desire.
  • You send me your manuscript in word doc. or docx. form, and I will provide feedback and edits either through the ‘Comments’ function or ‘Track changes’ function in Microsoft Word. Please note I will only accept word files and only work using Microsoft Word.
  • When I have completed working on your manuscript, I will withhold the edits until the full payment has been made. I accept Paypal.

Do I need to pay upfront? 

I do not require any form of payment until the initial consultation has been completed.