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Weekly Meditations for Indie Authors

Welcome to Weekly Meditations for Indie Authors! Today we are looking at the age old question of inspiration or motivation, what’s better, what’s what?

A few years ago only in my wildest dreams you would ever catch me saying ‘I want to be a writer’. But now here I am, 30k+ words into the first draft of my manuscript and I’m buzzing at the mere thought of being able to put my thoughts and stories down on the written page, to share with the world.

I would say publishing a book is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, and ever since I was a little girl it was a personal, intimate dream of mine I shared with few people. I always thought that I would need to study, to train, to be older and wiser, have more experiences, more travels, more heartbreaks. But after meeting a very special woman in my life, my biggest inspiration, who says she wishes she started writing books when she was my age – I realize all those ‘prerequisites’ were just excuses I made up for myself. And that set me free!

Now, it’s enough to be inspired, but to have the drive and motivation to finish what you’ve started is the hardest part of becoming self-published. It takes time, it takes tears, sweat, and (hopefully not) blood. But you can’t get to where you want to be by staring at it, and as Rabindranath Tagore put it plainly into words;

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

To all those aspiring writers, poets, and authors out there, please know that you are complete as you are. Your experiences, memories, tragedies and happinesses are on their own a special story that only you possess and shape daily, and writing that novel you’ve always wanted to is you putting it down in words to share with the world. What else is more beautiful, more timeless than the expression of your humanity in a form that will last until the end of time itself?

From sharing our human experiences in whatever genre you may choose to write in, you are opening up yourself up to be vulnerable, at the mercy of the eyes of the world. But in encouraging vulnerability in a world that is so hardened and at times cruel, is one of the greatest gifts of all.

Wherever your mind takes you, the words you put down on the page become a gateway to your own personal imagination. Not only are you imparting your story, but the emotions too.To be inspired is one thing, but to motivate oneself to begin on this path of indie publishing is a great feat on its own. I will never downplay the enormity of the task; but I will say that it is perfectly achievable one step at a time.

Inspiration is the spark that will ignite you to write that story; but motivation is the hot coals that powers you to finish it.

Take inspiration from this fact and keep putting those words in, reach that daily wordcount, smash out that first draft and never, ever look back!

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