REVIEW: Wild Ferns New Zealand Rotorua Mud Face Pack

Being a New Zealander deep in my heart, I’ve been so excited to write about this product! I actually got this as a gift a while back and absolutely adore that it features Rotorua mud as a star ingredient, with Manuka honey – both native ingredients.

Rotorua mud is geothermal mud extracted from you guessed it, Rotorua in the North Island, world-famous for the high levels of geothermal activity close to the surface, and for that sulphur, or ‘rotten egg’ smell as soon as you enter the town!

Lovely minimal packaging.

Because of the high level of minerals present in Rotorua mud, due to the close contact it has with the natural volcanic gases and minerals that come from deep within the earth, this mud is especially potent in its rejuvenating and regenerative properties.


Aqua (Water), Rotorua Mud, Talc, Kaolin, Bentonite, Propylene Glycol, Manuka Honey (Mel), Witch Hazel (Hammamelis Viginiana) Distillate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iron Oxide, Allantoin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Perfume

The ingredients list is sweet and simple! Not tested on animals, and allergen free – no artificial scent here either, just a typical mud-mask scent with a tinge of sulphur.

Rotorua mud is known for its ability to draw moisture back into the skin – through purifying and cleansing the skin of excess oils and nasties deep within the pores, and thus helps with the turnover of skin regeneration.

List of ingredients and directions!


You have to be a bit careful with this product when you use it as the consistency of the mud is a bit watery when it comes out of the tube, so if you’re a klutz like me and prone to getting it all over yourself then just squeeze out small amounts first! Once you spread it over your face, it becomes more of a creamy, smooth texture which feels so nice and luxurious to the touch!

A slightly watery/ lightly creamy texture out of the tube
IMG-3413 (1).JPG
Spreading it over the skin it feels creamy and smooth!

Use this after cleansing, and apply an even layer to your face avoiding your eyes, hair line and lips. The website suggests to leave it on for about 10 – 15 minutes so that it really draws out the impurities from your skin! Once it’s ready to remove, it feels a bit tight and will be a lighter dark grey colour when its time to remove it. It’s important to NOT leave it on until it is completely dry and a light grey/white colour!!

I’ve found that this works best for me before a shower. So I cleanse, put the mask on and chill for a bit, then hop into the shower when it’s partially dry and dark grey – then I splash warm water onto my face and get it back to that watery consistency where it should just wash off.

What it looked like as it starts to dry.
Once it starts to turn to a light grey, or mottled grey, this is when you should wash it off with warm water.

It does leave a bit of a sulphur smell behind on your skin, but that is to be expected considering this is geothermal mud! You can also get a whiff of that lovely, lovely manuka honey scent too, which balances out the sulphur well.


My family always thought it was weird when I said I loved the smell of Rotorua, having been there many times, it just instantly gets me in the mood to soak in one of the many geothermally heated natural pools dotted all around Rotorua.

But, for those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit one of my favourite destinations in the universe, the scent of sulphur will remind you of what you’d smell at a spa, getting a nice, relaxing and purifying facial.

Now, the purifying and regenerative properties of this mud is balanced out with the soothing properties of Manuka honey, aloe leaf extract and witch hazel. Manuka honey is honey produced from honeybees and their special relationship with the Manuka tree, a flowering tea tree native to New Zealand. Not only does Manuka honey possess antibacterial properties, but also is rich in antioxidants great for anti-aging and dryness.

You can definitely feel this when you use this mask – your skin feels like it is being treated. But not in a harsh or stripping way at all, which is makes it feel like such a nice treat when you are in need of a deep cleanse.

The Verdict

This is probably one of my favourite products I’ve ever used just for the super beneficial, natural and ethically sourced ingredients. I’m dying to try out other products from the Wild Ferns brand – the transparency with what goes into the product, and the effective simplicity of it all is just so refreshing to see in the beauty industry these days.

But anyway, if you are in need of a deep cleanse on those days when your skin is just having no more, look no further! This is a great product for essentially rejuvenating your skin. I have definitely seen such an improvement in the texture and brightness of my face these past few months I have been using this. My skin feels smoother, and my complexion has evened out!

It’s also helped me with my comedomes too, which is honestly so amazing! I give this the highest rating I can, a 5/5, and I recommend this so highly!

It’s hard to find this internationally as this is a local product, but if you ever stop by in New Zealand or have a friend visiting, ask them to pick one up for you! It’s a great present and a great product overall, showcasing a few of many natural ingredients New Zealand has to offer.

I probably should have titled this post, My love affair with Rotorua (I’ll probably make a post titled the same, just watch me), but as an unaffiliated, unsponsored blogger, I am speaking from my heart! Please, please if you’ve ever had even the slightest inkling to come to New Zealand – go to Rotorua, it is a place that is beautiful beyond words – there’s a rare, natural beauty in those geothermal springs and valleys that you’ll never find anywhere else!








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