SHEETMASK REVIEW: Pure Smile Japanese Art Face Mask

I got this cute little sheetmask as a gift, this particular line a bit of fun with the decorative print on the sheetmask itself! The contents of the two different colours available (pink and blue – I have blue) are the same with the main ingredients it showcases are: collagen (moisturizing) , hyaluronic acid (draws water from within the skin and the environment to the surface for max hydration) and Vitamin-E (anti-aging, brightening and antioxidant properties). Sounds good right?

Nice sturdy packaging.


Upon opening, it immediately gives off a floral scent like a more subtle, mixed rose, and it isn’t too overpowering or perfumey, but it is strong and does linger for a while even after you remove the mask.


To me, the mask fit perfectly on my face which was great as other sheetmasks I’ve used (like Skinfood) were a bit too large. The cotton mask itself is folded neatly and is a good thickness – it’s not too thin that it feels fragile, and it’s not too thick that it feels heavy and slips off your face.

The back – detailing directions and ingredient list.


Containing 27ml of essence, it’s safe to say that this sheetmask was doused in product before being packaged – it was almost dripping over my bathroom sink as I quickly put it over my face to avoid any waste. So on that front, it’s definitely worth the amount of product you get for how much you pay.

While hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E have undoubtedly proven their long term benefits to the skin, the use of collagen is a bit more questionable scientifically speaking – something i’ll go into in-depth in another post!

The consistency of the essence is very nice – it’s comparable to a more watery gel-like texture, and it sits on my skin very nicely. I feel like it does definitely get absorbed the longer I leave it on.

I left it on a bit longer than recommended (30 minutes) and there was no irritation or redness from using it a bit longer than I should which was great cause I absolutely have to squeeze out every drop of any sheetmask I buy as those things are PRICEY!

I squeezed the hell out of it once I was done, and the remaining essence filled up a full handful! Not letting it go to waste, I slathered it on over my neck and the rest of my body to leave me feeling like a little baby snail with the how nice and slippery my skin was.

The essence does feel a bit sticky for a bit before it absorbs into your skin – but it does definitely absorb after a while, and I immediately felt a nice plump to my cheeks and face and a general high dosage of hydration (thanks to the hyaluronic acid).

Star Ingredients of the sheetmask show!

All in all, I would recommend Pure Smile sheetmasks simply for the reason that they are extremely hydrating and plumping; making my skin feel smooth and nourished after, and for the good amount of essence you receive. It’s a just-right kind of formulation for me, the essence not too heavy or thick on my skin. This would be a great gift for a friend or family member for a bit of fun and skin lovin’!

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