SUNSCREEN REVIEW: Etude House Sunprise Airy Finish SPF50+

How many of us have been put off sunscreen by that thick, heavy and uncomfortably greasy feeling it leaves after applying it to our faces? I know I’ve skipped out on sunscreen a few times just cause I didn’t want to mess up the cat eyes I painstakingly got perfectly – or almost perfectly – symmetrical. Stupid I know!

Cute little bottle with a pair of ugly lemons.

Our skin’s health should always be the number one priority of any skincare routine – and protecting ourselves from the sun’s harsh rays is vital not only in preventing sunburn and the horrible painful redness that comes with it, but also in improving the general complexion of our face.

Etude House’s Sunprise Mild Airy Finish claims to be a non-sticky and non-greasy formula, and it definitely delivers on that front.  Sunscreen, or any product containing SPF should be used towards the END if not the very last step of your skincare and makeup regimen to ensure that it can properly do its job.

Opening the screw on cap, you are greeted with a lovely lemon scent – that does linger for about 10 minutes after application, but after that it completely disappears.

Clean, sturdy packaging and easy to open.

This was my first ever Korean sunscreen, and I was just amazed at how truly non-greasy it is! A revelation in the form of a nicely packaged little bottle. It dries down to an almost matte finish, which lives up to its ‘airy finish’ name, perfect for application on top of makeup.

I was out in full sun, chilling out on the ferry to Auckland, and was very happy to see no tanlines or no burning sensations at all throughout the day – making this a very effective sun protector.

A very liquidy, light consistency, just slightly thicker than water.
After I’ve rubbed it in well. The slight white cast is almost un-noticeable in the picture, that’s how slight it is!

HOWEVER – my big buts with this product are that there is a slight white cast it leaves behind – as slight as it gets really. But with my more olive skintone, it definitely shows up on my cheeks. As if I dabbed on some light BB cream that did not match my skin tone at all.

And a warning to other users of this product – MOISTURIZE WELL before application! One morning I slapped this straight on in a rush, with only my Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Gel before and found after a few minutes just before leaving the house my skin began to feel a bit tight. Looking in the mirror I was a bit mortified to see either my skin or the product itself peeling off my nose! I wasn’t sure what it was but there was definitely some peeling going on, and that did not jive well with me.

I immediately used my SANA Cleansing cream to wash it off properly (You MUST use a proper cleanser to wash off SPF, otherwise it is not removed from your face), and then applied a layer of soothing aloe and my SANA soy milk cream.

The next time I used the Sunprise Mild Airy Finish I had completed my entire AM routine, and lo and behold – absolutely no problems, and not even a hint of tightness on my face.

Apart from these things, I would say that the Sunprise does its job well in sun protection. BUT I will most likely not repurchase to try something that doesn’t leave a white cast on my face.

My boyfriend, with very sensitive skin also felt a bit of a tingling and tight sensation on his face a few minutes after application, so if you know your skin is sensitive, maybe steer clear of this formulation.

While this product delivers in SPF, there are so many Korean and Japanese sunscreen products that I want to try, and I’m sure one of them out there will be more suited to me, and may even be my holy grail!

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