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REVIEW: Nature Republic – Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

It claims to be versatile and refreshing…

I admit this product was my gateway to the skincare world. The prospect of 92% aloe in this 300ml tub was a very tempting one – especially knowing of the soothing and moisturizing properties of the aloe plant. Nature Republic claims its ‘versatility’ as a multi-use product in the treatment of sunburn and razor burn, as a lightweight moisturizer to revitalize the complexion, to be used for healthy nails and even as a hair mask.

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After opening the tub, you’re greeted with a refreshing aloe scent!

And after a month now of using this product in my regimen consistently every day and night, I can sing true to those claims!

The cool gel-like consistency is perfect for humid weather as it dries down quickly after application, not leaving behind a sticky or tacky feel. I admittedly slathered this on during the peak of the at times unbearably humid Auckland summer, and it worked perfectly as a stand-alone moisturizer.

After about two or three weeks, I was surprised when visiting my family (the most tell it to your face people in the world – great for honest feedback, I’ve found) – they told me “Your skin looks a lot brighter.” It was a hallelujah moment for me – if my Tita (Aunty) says that my skin has improved then you know she’s telling the truth.

Of course it wasn’t all thanks to the NR soothing gel – the skincare regimen that I consistently got myself into was a giant factor in brightening and evening out my previously dull and dry skin. CONSISTENCY IS KEY! That’s the real skin saviour here, and I won’t forget it. But anyway – i’ll cover this regimen in-depth in another post.

After scouring the web on reviews and ingredient analyses of this product, one thing kept coming up time and time again; Alcohol as an ingredient. A large portion of people seem to stay far away from alcohol in their skincare routines and recommend against this particular gel for its high alcohol content.

BUT – it all depends on you! For some with drier or sensitive skin, alcohol does tend to dry out or irritate your skin due to its fast evaporation, so if you are concerned about this, then maybe this product is not for you.

Another BUT – for me, with an oily t-zone, living in humidity, this product is definitely the one for me. Recently as it’s getting colder in the autumn, I’ve found that my skin absolutely loves LAYERS. I apply a good layer of aloe gel to my face, a little more around my nose and t-zone area, and then I wait ‘til it’s dried down then apply a heavier moisturizer (SANA soy milk cream).

Nature Republic aloe soothing gel, skincare, review
A solid plastic lid in the inside comes with the packaging to prevent messy spills.

Apart from a general brighter and glowier complexion, I have found that applying the gel to those angry red bumps you get right before a pimple comes out helps soothe and calm those spots, helping to prevent breakouts altogether.

As a general body moisturizer, I use it on the drier areas of my body such as elbows, knees, feet and ankles and it does its jobs as far as versatility is concerned.

As a hair mask – I recently tried massaging a good dollop of the gel onto my scalp a few hours before I washed my hair (It dries down very fast so it does not leave an oily feel like coconut oil does), and what can I say – I’ve added a step to my haircare routine that I will not be stopping anytime soon. As someone with a very oily Asian scalp, this soothing gel has dramatically reduced flakiness and oil production on my head with just ONE try. It’s moisturizing and cleansing on the scalp at the same time, and I was a very happy bruja when after blow-drying my hair I felt how clean my scalp was from all the buildup, and how shiny my hair was too!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product – even if you don’t use it on your face, your scalp will love you for it. It’s truly versatile and cost-effective for the 300ml you get, and really improved the complexion of my skin with consistent use.

I would say I’ll definitely repurchase, but I already have another unopened tub sitting on my shelf that I found in depths of a Korean mart 🙂





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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Nature Republic – Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

  1. I love Aloe Vera! I keep a plant for skin remedies in my home always, and have given some babies to friends. It’s great that you loved this product, and that it was very affordable. Great review!

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